How to Connect PS4 to Laptop Screen Using HDMI Cable

An easy to follow step by step guide to connect PlayStation 4 (PS4) to your laptop screen using HDMI cable.

Before getting to our todays article about connecting PS4 to laptop screen using HDMI cable, let us first get some technicalities in order so that one may grasp hold of what we are about to tell.

The first and foremost thing to understand is that there is no way of direct connectivity between your laptop and PS4. So in order to create this connectivity one may use HDMI cable.

However, simply connecting HDMI cable between your laptop and PS4 won’t solve anything. This is because of the fact that HDMI cable is one way communication thing. This means that you cannot transport your audio and video data two ways using HDMI.

Furthermore one shall keep in mind that both your PS4 and laptop have got HDMI output ports. So all in all, just connecting your HDMI cable between your laptop and PS4 won’t get you anywhere.

Steps to Connect PS4 to Laptop Screen Using HDMI Cable

In order to truly enjoy your PS4 experience on your laptop screen you shall go through the under mentioned steps.

Step 1: Activate your file sharing option in PS4 settings. For that you need to go to Settings in your PS4 menu -> Network Settings and then you need to find Internet Connection Settings.

Step 2: Connect with the Router that your laptop is already connected to. Remember your laptop and PS4 needs to be on same router for this to work.

Step 3: Connect your video capture card with your laptop using USB port. If you are wondering why are we utilizing a video capture card then my friend, let me answer that.

Explanation: Utilizing video capture card shall enable you to utilize HDMI input port available in it. HDMI input port shall enable your laptop to process the information being sent through your PS4 HDMI output port. So you see using a video capture card in vital to complete your data sharing circuit.

Step 4: After connecting your video capture card, install the software that came with it.

Explanation: This is necessary to install the default software so that the video and audio information can be decompressed into true aspect ratio as that of original source. Many a times we had to face issues if default video capture card software is not installed. The biggest issue of them is that of aspect video ratio.

Step 5: Now connect your video capture card with your PS4. An S-video connection cable shall do the trick for connecting your PS4 with your Video Capture Card.

Explanation: Utilizing the HDMI-IN slot on video capture card connect your HDMI cable and connect the other end of HDMI cable to HDMI-OUT on your PS4.

Step 6: Run the application software that we previously installed for video capture card on your laptop and also power up the PS4. The software shall display your PS4 on laptop screen. 

Before selecting your PS4 on the software screen ensure that the software application is running in full screen mode. This will ensure your full resolution game play.

So, you see folks with these easy and simplistic steps you may connect your laptop with your PS4 and enjoy immerse gameplay on your laptop screen.

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